Franchise Portfolio

Gustonuovo is franchise that comes from a group of lovers of good Italian wine. The aim of our initiative is to show the best of our products outside the Italian borders.

The purpose is to spread the most delicious products that Italy can offer, and that until today were difficult to find outside Italy. The products that our Franchise is constituted by the authenticity of the raw materials, and the non-industrial process of its elaboration. Our daily work is to investigate the product that can best represent the quality of the Italian tradition. For this reason, at our franchise you can buy and taste the most authentic products that Italy has to offer.
Pasta Factory Europe

Pasta Factory Europe:
We are an artisan pasta factory, w with a complete line of sauces, breads, antipasti and desserts, our franchise offers its consumers a unique and different gastronomic experience. The proposal was born in Spain at the beginning of 2016, with the aim of offering a different alternative to all those people who enjoy good eating and cooking in the comfort of their home, but without complications.

There are two things that characterize us and differentiate them from the rest of the gastronomic proposals in the market. The first is that all the products are made by ourselves, in a shop-like establishment, where consumers can appreciate the whole process of production of pasta, breads, and desserts. The second is that our products are designed to be prepared at home quickly and easily, regardless of the level of experience you have in the kitchen.